Super Bowl 50

Sun, Feb 7, 2016

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Monday offers a 10-game slate full of studs, and that leads Heath Cummings and Chris Towers searching for value plays to fill out your lineup.
Tobias Harris just received a big contract from the Orlando Magic, and now they could be talked into moving him.
Oklahoma City star Kevin Durant put away the Magic in dramatic fashion.
Sacramento might deal their versatile wing. What team would be a good fit, and what would Sacramento want in return?
With Jeff Teague involved in trade rumors, Chris Towers looks at how Teague and Dennis Schroder should be valued for Fantasy purposes.
This season keeps proving there are no guarantees in DFS, but DeMarcus Cousins certainly looks like the best play on the board Thursday, Chris Towers says.
The Bucks could have had the Splash Brothers, instead they got ... well, they got a lot of nothing, all of which is no longer on their roster. Buckle up, Bucks fans. This is gonna be brutal.
Magic forward struggled to get minutes under Skiles in Milwaukee but is thriving with him in Orlando.
Damian Lillard, James Harden, and Kevin Durant have all struggled in clutch moments in the first month of the season.
LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, Paul George, and... Andrew Wiggins? Your top clutch performers in the first month.

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