With Michigan State, Ohio State, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin leading the way, the Big Ten features several solid programs and Gary Parrish takes a look at each team in a league strong from top to bottom.
Josh Gasser missed all of last season with a knee injury, but he was recently cleared for contact and will fact into the backcourt mix for the Badgers.
A top seed was tested, the A-10 remained perfect, Doug McDermott advanced to a matchup with Duke and the West Regional has been dismantled with upsets. However, it was a Florida Gulf Coast team that stole the day with a win over No. 2 Georgetown.
You might be bored by Wisconsin. But Wisconsin is never bored by Wisconsin.
Wisconsin is hitting its stride at the right time, dominating Ohio State at both ends of the floor in an easy win. What else happened on Sunday?
Michigan lost Saturday. Kansas has dropped three in a row. Indiana and Florida both went down to potential NIT teams earlier in the week. No one has earned the No. 1 spot in the land -- and no one will earn it until April 8.
Youthful enthusiasm. And Ke$ha. Combine those two and you have a bunch of Wisconsin players bouncing around to Ke$ha.
On busier Saturdays and Sundays this season, we don't make you wait until the end of the slate of games to catch up with all that's happened. Afternoon Delight recaps the first five-or-so hours' worth of action, the perfect appetizer right before dinnertime.
It's the Big Ten and college basketball in 2013: obviously. Obviously, Wisconsin opts not to foul Tim Hardaway, Jr. Obviously, the 3 falls. Then, obviously, Ben Brust rushes up the floor, heaves the 40-footer to tie the game and, obviously, it goes in. Overtime, obviously.
Wisconsin's Zach Bohannon talks about the legend of Bo Ryan and the Badgers' big win over Indiana.

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