The Marlins have won 11 of their last 12 games, and some of the credit should go to these three guys.
The Yankees are 8-14 so far this season and they've won only four of their last 12 games. Here are three reasons the team has struggled so much in 2016.
The Mets youngster threw 12 pitches of at least 100 miles per hour in the first two innings on Monday.
The Jays' third baseman and AL MVP was most unkind to this Nathan Eovaldi pitch.
The Yankees are going with CC Sabathia as their fifth starter in 2016. He was competing with Ivan Nova this spring.
The right-handers' gun readings have been reaching new heights this spring.
The Yankees have been a dynastic team since early in the 20th century, while the Red Sox rode a more recent wave of good fortune. However, it's the Blue Jays looking for the repeat in 2016. Who will win the AL East?
The Yankees won 87 games and were a playoff team last season, so why does it seem like they were mediocre? And can they be any better this time around?
Andruw Jones has taken a position in the Braves front office. That story and more is in Monday's daily news recap.
Which numbers will go a long way toward determining how each fares in the upcoming season? Let's explore, starting with the American League East.

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