In the Head-to-Head format especially, the lack of quality starting pitching in the AL-only player pool will come to define your draft. Scott White looks at the latest results.
Auctions provide a clearer measurement of scarcity than the color-by-the numbers snake draft. So what did our AL-only one say? Steals and saves are reeeeally hard to come by, Scott White says.
Number one is glaringly obvious, but how about the rest?
It has Mike Trout, of course, but outfield is a little light at the top and could use an infusion of talent. Scott White breaks it down into tiers.
‚ÄčIt's early but why not discuss some 2017 sleeper candidates? They are the kinds of players who win leagues. We also talk about the tragedies involving Yordano Ventura and Andy Marte.
The Rays have a lot of new faces in 2017, but it's their holdovers from 2016 who are the most interesting.
January is a busy month for long-term contract extensions
Picking a team of players who did not live up to their perceived value during the 2016 MLB season
Multiple reports indicate the Pirates are getting closer to trading the former NL MVP
The first mocks for a new season typically surprise from the very first round, and our first foray into the Rotisserie format was no exception. Scott White breaks it down.

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