Another Mets' pitcher learned a useful trick, and the Phillies may not have to wait for their next great slugging first baseman. Chris Towers looks at them and eight other sleepers heading into the Fantasy baseball season.
Chris Carter has more Fantasy value with a team than without. But his signing with the Yankees, as Scott White notes, may not be the best thing for Greg Bird, Matt Holliday, Aaron Judge or Carter himself.
The NL home run leader from 2016 will now be a Yankee
We like to hear from our listeners, and today we answer your questions about relief pitching depth, how to project wins, late-round power and more.
The Nationals and Dodgers are under more pressure to win than anyone else in 2017
It has Mike Trout, of course, but outfield is a little light at the top and could use an infusion of talent. Scott White breaks it down into tiers.
Let's take a glance around the current players and see who might make the Hall of Fame
Although he did leave a small window open for roster changes
How the Blue Jays going all-in to win could actually cost them in the long run
Both New York teams have already spent big on free agents this offseason

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