Who doesn't need a catcher? Scott White says a couple new options are emerging on the waiver and comments on the Astros' sudden rotation surplus.
No shortage of pitchers making two starts this week, which means you may have to take bigger chances to keep pace. Scott White ranks every two-start option.
The Royals could make or break teams, the Astros could be buying and more MLB observations
The Astros now have three starting pitchers on the disabled list
Of course, the Astros have bought themselves plenty of time with a 12-game lead
Ryon Healy continues to provide power, but squeezing him on rosters has proven to be a challenge. Scott White looks at some of the players emerging on the waiver wire.
Fear not, Mike Trout owners, there are plenty of outfielders to be had. We’re here to help as we kick off today’s show with some Trout talk before transitioning into a lot more from Monday.
The Nationals have benefited from a closer change. Could the Pirates? Scott White looks at some of the best options on the waiver wire.
Anthony Rizzo is a game away from qualifying as a second baseman in Fantasy. Chris Towers looks closer at that impact and who has gained a new position and who else is close in CBSSports.com leagues.
Plus, the Yankees are homer-happy again, the Twins' offense goes crazy and much more

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