In the Head-to-Head format especially, the lack of quality starting pitching in the AL-only player pool will come to define your draft. Scott White looks at the latest results.
Home runs were hit at levels in 2016 we haven't seen since the steroids era, which will naturally influence the way you construct your roster in 2017.
Number one is glaringly obvious, but how about the rest?
Who will be the top 10 second basemen in baseball this season?
Eduardo Nunez has bust written all over him, but as scarce as stolen bases are, you may have no choice but to rely on him, according to Scott White.
Is first base deep or shallow? Your answer to that could shape your Draft Day approach. Our feelings may be changing on that subject as we continue our offseason mock drafts
Jose Altuve took a big step forward as a power hitter in 2016 and Chris Towers says there could be more where that came from.
Second base isn't lacking at the top, but with so much meat in the middle, it's a position where Fantasy owners can afford to wait on Draft Day.
Where are the bargains on Draft Day? Scott White looks at 12 in his first edition of Sleepers.
Let's take a glance around the current players and see who might make the Hall of Fame

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