Beckham burned Panthers corner Josh Norman for what should have been an easy score, but he flubbed the catch.
Mercifully, the Cowboys' season is over. Yes, officially, there are 120 minutes left to play, but any conversation of back-dooring their way into the playoffs is now dead with Saturday's loss to the Jets.
The Jets face the Cowboys on Saturday and a big part of the game plan will be focused on shutting down Dez Bryant.
Ryan Tannehill isn't a fan of the how Calvin Pryor celebrated and the Jets defensive back doesn't really care.
Pryor played for Rex Ryan on the 2014 Jets and does not have fond memories.
We're tracking all the key injury news heading into Week 9's NFL games.
We're tracking all the key injury news heading into Week 8's NFL games.
The Patriots have one of the better pass-catching duos in the NFL.
Are sacks overrated? This year's New York Jets are making a strong case to prove it to be true. The Jets, tied for 28th in sacks, are No.1 in both scoring and total defense in the NFL. A closer look at the tape reveals their formula for success.

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