Trae Waynes did not play much as a rookie and Laquon Treadwell has followed the same path thus far
The Vikings sure have the look of a Super Bowl contender four games into the season
Maybe the Vikings knew exactly what they were doing when they traded for Bradford
Zimmer's defense has stifled Rodgers in four of the six games in which they've squared off
Alexander was once considered a possible first-round pick, but the Vikes got him deep in the second.
Wendall Williams deserved his 15 minutes of fame for a blistering 40-yard dash at the Minnesota regional combine, but put in proper context it was not the historic time many rushed to credit him with.
With five first-round picks invested in defensive players since Pro Bowl free safety Harrison Smith was selected in 2012, the Minnesota Vikings could go back to the well to find a safety to pair with Smith in 2016.

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