Heath Cummings loved picking sixth in the first round, but his second-round pick created a roster crunch that he's not sure he overcame.
The No. 7 overall pick is the first spot in Round 1 where a tough decision has to be made. But Jamey Eisenberg says the decision is easy because of A.J. Green's potential this year.
No word on if this will become a part of Brady's training regimen
If you're cool with the likes of Mike Evans, Melvin Gordon or LeSean McCoy with your first-round pick, then choosing at eighth overall could be a dream.
After a two-year absence, Goodell returns to Gillette Stadium in September
Heath Cummings goes back to the well with John Brown and Ameer Abdullah, but offers several new breakouts to help you on Draft Day this year.
He enjoyed Beast Mode as much as the next guy, but it's unlikely we'll see the same running back in Oakland, Heath Cummings says as he sorts out players he'll be avoiding for 2017.
Gruden went to see his son Deuce win the title at the World Powerlifting Championships
You might go broke if you ever try to party like Gronk
The G.O.A.T. wants to take his talents to the Great Wall

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