Wade Davis is having a remarkable season and the Royals are winning, reaping the benefits of their potential-for-pitching deal with the Rays two years ago.
The Royals enjoyed a promising 2013 season, with much of their young talent coming on at season's end. Nando Di Fino looks for Fantasy gems up and down the Kansas City roster for 2014.
When making prediction, you have to look back and learn. Our Nando Di Fino analyzes some old predictions, how they fared and where to go from here in his latest Bullpen Report.
What's the point of ranking closers in mid June? Our Nando Di Fino explains how they can be of use to you and shares his own rankings.
Our Nando Di Fino takes a look at the always volatile closer situations around the league and who might be the backups you should keep on your radar.
The closer situations around Major League Baseball can be unpredictable ... and then again, sometimes you know exactly what to expect. Nando Di Fino groups stoppers into neat groups for better understanding.
What do the bullpens in the American League look like right now and going forward? Our Nando Di Fino speculates on future save opportunities and much more in his latest Bullpen Report.
Tony Cingrani is all the rage off the waiver wire, but who else might be able to help out in the near term? Our Nando Di Fino helps you prioritize your waiver claims.
Looking to take a flier on a reliever who might be in line for saves if everything breaks right? Our Nando DI Fino helps those in need in his latest Bullpen Report.
What's different about John Buck's hot streak this time around? Is Jed Lowrie finally for real? Our Nando Di Fino shares his take on the latest flavors of the week off your waiver wires.

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