After getting blown out on Friday, Florida Gulf Coast bounced back on Tuesday morning with a win over Hartford.
The Bob Cousy Award, given annually to the nation's best point guard, released its watch list on Tuesday.
After looking at the top 11 conferences, we provide a complete breakdown of the other 21 leagues. Here's the best teams and players to watch.
After FGCU said farewell to Andy Enfield, the Eagles look to Kansas assistant Joe Dooley as his successor.
With a run now through that will go down as one of the most blessed and unexpected in tourney history, I wanted to get an idea of what it meant to the players at Florida Gulf Coast. Every single one of them. These memories will change and enhance and grow glow as these guys get older. What they think back on five, 10, 20 years from now will in some ways never change and in other ways be altered.
FGCU earned the right to be taken seriously by the Florida Gators, and the Gators obliged with a businesslike 62-50 rout.
Doyel: Pressure on FGCU?
Andy Enfield's path to college coaching stardom, which is entrenching him in full during this changeover between first and second weekends of the NCAA tournament, well it all began in 1986.
The biggest story not only in this region, not only in this tournament or in college hoops, but in the entire sports universe, is Florida Gulf Coast. Dunk City. Florida Dunk Coast. Whatever we want to call it, this 15 seed is the darling narrative, the best story in college basketball to reach a wider audience since Butler made back-to-back national title games.
Doc Rivers has known Brett Comer since he was 10 years old, so nothing the Florida Gulf Coast point guard does is much of a shock. Especially those crazy lob passes that have garnered so much attention.

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