The Nationals and Dodgers are under more pressure to win than anyone else in 2017
Drafting the right breakout player could win your Fantasy league. Maybe it was Manny Machado in 2015 and Noah Syndergaard in 2016, but now we have to find that breakout star in 2017.
Starting pitcher once again offers no shortage of aces, but the middle tiers are difficult to sort out. Scott White does his best to wade through them.
Will these potential breakouts win your league for you? Heath Cummings nominates 11 players who could fit that bill.
Anyone want to draft Felix Hernandez? On today's Fantasy Baseball Today Podcast we also cover team outlooks for the Braves, Indians, Mariners and Yankees and the Hall of Fame vote.
The defending AL champions only got better in the offseason with the Edwin Encarnacion signing. If some of their brightest stars return to health, a repeat could be in order, according to Scott White.
January is a busy month for long-term contract extensions
A look at what each team in the American League has to address at the Winter Meetings
What should each AL West team be looking to accomplish next week at the winter meetings?
What should each AL Central team be looking to accomplish next week at the winter meetings?

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