Up next in our 2015 season preview series: the Minnesota Twins.
This week's prospect watch highlights and Orioles pitching prospect and a Padres catching prospect who are off to excellent starts.
The Braves offer Fantasy owners a lot of interesting options to think about on Draft Day 2014. Our Scott White has a few under-the-radar guys he'll be considering.
Will Jose Fernandez realize his potential right out of the gate? Who else might make an impact sooner rather than later? Our Scott White and Michael Hurcomb talk prospects in their initial Down on the Farm report.
My Braves likes includes their bullpen and retooled outfield. The dislikes include filling voids at third base and in clubhouse leadership following the retirement of Chipper Jones.
The Braves could have a Rookie of the Year candidate in Julio Teheran and a versatile wild card in Evan Gattis.
The Atlanta Braves went out and shored up their outfield by signing both Uptons, but do they have any weaknesses? Michael Hurcomb breaks them down in his Fantasy team outlook.
The Diamondbacks are considering a "strong" offer from Atlanta for outfielder Justin Upton.
Justin Upton reportedly vetoed a trade that would have sent him to the Mariners, but who else could make a similar offer?

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