Tiger Woods, Adam Scott, Angel Cabrera and Lindsey Vonn headline the best photos of your 2013 Masters.
Sunday at the Masters immediately conjures images of those iconic shots that have defined this tournament. It also brings to mind another annual tradition to go along with the azaleas, tall pines and pimento cheese sandwiches: the Sunday pin placements.
The par-5s have been easy at the 2013 Masters, the par-4s not so much.
On Saturday morning, we learned Tiger Woods was penalized two strokes for an illegal drop. Those two strokes are a tough penalty but they're better than the disqualification that he could've been hit with. Since the penalty was assessed and the disqualification was waived, there's been lots of calling for Woods to withdraw from the Masters. And that's absolute garbage.
There was talk that Tiger Woods would be disqualified for his drop at hole No. 15 on Friday at the Masters, but he was cleared on Saturday morning.
Nothing about the Masters is easy, even if it seemed that way for much of the field during Thursday's opening round. On Friday, players were met by downpours that dumped an inch of water on the course overnight.
Phil Mickelson described his Phrankenwood, calling it a 3-wood 'on steroids' and explained why he's using the newly-designed Callaway club at the 2013 Masters.
Holes No. 1 through No. 9 are ranked here by how difficult they are, how fun they are for patrons to watch and how many memories have been made.
It's not a cheap trip, but going to the Masters is worth whatever you have to pay.

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