Jim Tressel thinks that Jim Harbaugh will be good for the Ohio State-Michigan rivalry.
Michigan State wide receiver Macgarrett Kings Jr. was arrested and charged with drunken and disorderly conduct and obstructing, resisting, hindering or assaulting a police officer.
Ohio State running back Ezekiel Elliott had a baby penguin named after him at the local zoo in Columbus.
Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh and another staff member stopped to help two crash victims on a highway, according to the school.
The latest round-up of minor self-reported NCAA violations at Ohio State features one coach's 4-year-old son texting a recruit.
Every Friday, the Friday Five will rank something in the world of college football -- anything and everything from the logical to the illogical. This week, we rank the most difficult jobs in the Power Five conferences.
Whoever's running Royal Caribbean's Twitter feed deserves a raise.
Cardale Jones was commended by the Ohio state legislature Tuesday. Excuse me -- Cardale '12 Gauge' Jones was.
The Big Ten issued a statement Tuesday calling for 'feedback' from college athletics' 'thought leaders' on a 'year of readiness' for freshmen in all sports, a year in which they would not play.
Many teams have already begun spring practice ahead of college football's 2015 season with spring games on the horizon.

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