The Bengals signed Jon Brown on Monday. That name will mean nothing to you, unless you're an avid follower of amateur soccer.
If actions speak louder than words, Jimmy Haslam doesn't seem to be a patient man. But maybe the Browns owner has changed.
Before Ed O'Neill was Sofia Vergara's husband on 'Modern Family,' and decades before that, shoe salesman Al Bundy on 'Married with Children,' he was a football player.
Following a disappointing rookie season, Melvin Gordon had surgery in January, and said last week that his recovery is ahead of schedule.
Turns out, Steph Curry isn't human. There were rumors that he might not be from this planet, and those rumors were confirmed on Monday night.
Now 31 and a free agent, it's fair to wonder if LaMarr Woodley's best days are behind him.
Cardale Jones and Rex Ryan have at least one thing in common: They're both known for being outspoken.
Stephen Jones has done a masterful job of keeping his dad, Jerry Jones, in check while also forcing other executives around the league to take the Cowboys seriously.
It's official: Everyone has now weighed in on Sam Bradford's peculiar decision to demand a trade a month after the Eagles gave him $18 million for 2016.
Back when Vanilla Ice was rollin' in his 5.0, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was 14. Now, a quarter-century later, they're taking selfies together.

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