The Buckeyes are still only still getting AP votes because they were getting them in the preseason, it seems. They've played 19 games and have zero so-called quality wins. They're 0-5 against top-50 RPI teams.
There was a time when it was reasonable to have Arizona ahead of Villanova. But now is not that time.
The Rebels also have 20-plus-point losses to unranked Stanford and unranked Arizona State. Why three AP voters didn't consider that before submitting ballots remains confusing.
The Horned Frogs are 11-0, sure. But their best win is a win over an Ole Miss team that's also lost to Charleston Southern and Western Kentucky.
One AP voter has Memphis in the top 16 and Wisconsin outside of the top eight. Both of those things are way wrong.
The Hawkeyes have lost five of their past six games. Still, they're getting votes on two AP ballots.
Texas has better wins than Kentucky and fewer bad losses than Kentucky. But that doesn't matter to voters this week, for some reason.
Seth Davis has Iowa State too low on his ballot. But there's somebody else who has Iowa State lower.
Kansas, Syracuse and Arizona are the only schools in the country with more top-50 RPI wins than Iowa State. And yet the Cyclones are 17th in one poll and 19th in the other. That just doesn't make much sense.
Michigan is in the top 25 of every human poll and computer ranking available. But one AP voter still left the Wolverines off of his ballot, for some reason.

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