Texas opened the season with a loss to the team picked 11th in the Pac-12. And yet one AP voter is still ranking the Longhorns 20th as if that thing that happened never actually happened.
Gary Parrish is happy Murray State got ranked. But that won't stop him from putting a Murray State fan in his place.
The Terrapins have five top-50 wins and zero losses outside of the top 60 of the RPI. Consequently, yes, they probably belong on every AP ballot.
Why did Scott Wolf drop the Cyclones 11 spots when all they did is lose a game they were supposed to lose?
TCU had zero points in last week's coaches poll. Then TCU lost two more games to fall to 1-7 in the Big 12, and now TCU has five points in the coaches poll.
The Gaels are 16-4 with losses to unranked Northern Arizona at home, unranked Boise State at home and unranked St. John's on the road. They have zero wins over ranked opponents, zero wins against top-50 RPI opponents, and their best win is a win over a seven-loss BYU team that's also lost to San Diego and Pepperdine.
The Buckeyes are still only still getting AP votes because they were getting them in the preseason, it seems. They've played 19 games and have zero so-called quality wins. They're 0-5 against top-50 RPI teams.
There was a time when it was reasonable to have Arizona ahead of Villanova. But now is not that time.
The Rebels also have 20-plus-point losses to unranked Stanford and unranked Arizona State. Why three AP voters didn't consider that before submitting ballots remains confusing.
The Horned Frogs are 11-0, sure. But their best win is a win over an Ole Miss team that's also lost to Charleston Southern and Western Kentucky.

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