More than 200 players opted out of the NFL's concussion settlement.
With so much attention focused on former players suing the NFL, now a couple of them have set their sights on the NFLPA.
Eight former NFL players are suing the league and alleging teams illegally administered painkillers that caused health issues later in their lives.
Judge Anita Brody rejected the initial concussion settlement from the NFL and former players, claiming that the money won't not be sufficient to cover players' needs.
The Frontline PBS doc, 'League of Denial', examines the NFL concussion problem and the league's alleged attempt to cover it up. The program airs Tuesday night on PBS.
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell paid a visit to CBS This Morning to discuss the concussion lawsuit settlement and the HGH issue.
According to a report, former NFL players originally asked for $2 billion from the league in the concussion lawsuit settlement.
Former Bears quarterback Jim McMahon said he's no longer contemplating suicide and that he's pleased with the NFL's concussion settlement.
A preliminary settlement worth a proposed $765 million was reached between the NFL and 4,500 players. To find out what it all means, CBSSports.com spoke to attorney Turner Broughton.
The NFL settled the concussion lawsuit with the players thanks to a $765 million settlement. Proving, as usual, the NFL always wins.

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