The Jaguars can move up, down and all around in the 2015 NFL Draft. OK, not up. But given their needs and the talent available they're in a very good spot to capitalize on this draft class.
Ali Marpet told Jim Rome on 'ROME' that he thinks he would beat Jameis Winston in the 40-yard dash.
Phil Simms appeared on Sirius XM radio and said the 2015 quarterback class is "a bad group" but that Jameis Winston is the "best thrower" among the quarterbacks available.
Marcus Mariota ran a fast 40 time at the 2015 NFL Combine. Jameis Winston did not. This tell us everything about their quarterbacking skills.
Todd Gurley reportedly isn't letting NFL teams examine his injured knee.
Amari Cooper is an impressive athletic specimen as he continued to prove on Instagram recently.
Jim Harbaugh worked with Jameis Winston and Bryce Petty prior to the 2015 NFL Combine.
Browns players are also wondering what Cleveland's season would've looked like -- and the future! -- if the team took Teddy Bridgewater instead of Johnny Manziel during the 2014 NFL Draft.
Is Jameis Winston getting fat?
The Browns reportedly have interest in trading up to draft Marcus Mariota. Would they really do that less than a year after making the bold move of drafting Johnny Manziel?

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