Here's the skinny on the key free agents to keep and target for all 30 NBA teams
The Warriors aren't just talented or smart or fortunate. They're all three.
Matt Moore and Denver Nuggets' wing Mike Miller discuss his role on the team, the pressure of the NBA Finals, and the preparation being a role player takes.
Back in 2007, Kobe Bryant was at the top of his game and the Lakers needed him to be their hero. He obliged.
The vibe in the Nuggets' locker room has changed. But can Denver build from that into a competitive team?
The veteran wing is feeling physically better than he has in years and is having enough fun to keep playing as he finds a place in the locker room in Denver.
The Cavaliers miss their veteran center, no matter what his "numbers' were.
Memphis is just trying to hold on after losing its franchise player to injury and two starters to trades.
Draymond Green's absence loomed large, but there were other elements in play as the reigning champs picked up just their third loss this season.
Entering his 12th NBA season, Jameer Nelson reflects on what it means to be a veteran, surviving in a league filled with dazzling point guards, and the future of the Denver Nuggets.

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