Jim Delany is reportedly seeking out 'feedback' on whether the Big Ten should play football games on Friday nights.
Big Ten commissioner offers vision for NCAA reform. Says NFL and NBA ought to start minor leagues for high school athletes who want to pursue the pros.
The Big Ten aims to be 'a different organization, a different structure' a year from now, Jim Delany says. Does it include paying players?
The American Athletic Conference would like to be considered for the potential NCAA Division 4 that power conferences are pushing.
The Big Ten's federal tax return showed a record $315 million in revenue, 'USA Today' reported. Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany earned a record salary.
Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany told CBSSports.com that his league entered confidentiality agreements with possibly six or more schools to protect conversations about conference membership -- before the ACC's grant of rights halted the talk.
As expected, the Big Ten has abandoned its Legends and Leaders divisions, redrawing the league into the East and West. It will also move to a nine-game conference schedule beginning in 2016.
The Big 12 will navigate the looming college football playoff as a unique power conference: the only 10-team league, no championship game and no 24-hour channel. The only goal that matters is making a national semifinal.
If the Southeastern Conference stayed at 14 teams in the coming years, even if future conference expansion swirled around it, that wouldn't exactly shock. But one thing could force a change, Florida's president said: An 'ace jewel' calling for help.
Lawsuit led by former UCLA player Ed O'Bannon could change way NCAA operates, and Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany isn't happy about it.

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