The Big 12, wounded by realignment four years ago, can celebrate its uniqueness as a 10-team league with no conference championship game.
With conference realignment coming to a halt (for now) we take a look at who the losers were from the recent era of realignment and expansion.
Assessing the winners and losers from this era of conference realignment.
Tom Fornelli joins Chip Patterson on the podcast to discuss the latest update in the conference realignment saga and wrap spring football.
The ACC is eschewing its $50 million exit fee model in favor of a Grant of Rights, which could solidify the league from the Big Ten or other conference realignment poachers. The league also wants an ACC channel.
The commissioner of the Sun Belt Conference joined Tim Brando to discuss the conference's new additions.
The old Big East is inching closer to a membership agreement with Tulsa that could happen in the next week. "That's the direction we're headed," said a league source, who added the league has not notified all of its membership officials via teleconference or email.
If the Southeastern Conference stayed at 14 teams in the coming years, even if future conference expansion swirled around it, that wouldn't exactly shock. But one thing could force a change, Florida's president said: An 'ace jewel' calling for help.
The Pac-12 appears content at 12 teams, but commissioner Larry Scott still gets a few just-in-case calls on occasion. Scott said he fields *a good handful of calls, not that many* in a typical year from schools inquiring about membership.
Ohio State AD Gene Smith says 14-team Big Ten is 'not doing anything right now' in the realignment game and hasn't had any substantial talks on such matters in recent months.

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