The NBA's playoff system has been giving a free pass to inferior teams from the East for years. Here's one way to fix it.
On two key issues of imbalance -- East-West and competitive -- NBA commissioner Adam Silver came up short Saturday night in his annual All-Star address.
NBA commissioner Adam Silver believes the NBA, its players, and the college game would all benefit from an age limit of 20 for the NBA Draft.
Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban tells CBSSports.com that commissioner Adam Silver "has it exactly right" that sports betting should be legalized. But could there be unintended consequences?
After spending recklessly on a roster that included Paul Pierce, Mikhail Prokhorov's Nets suddenly became cost-conscious. Will a small dose of prudence pay off or backfire?
In a rare state-of-the-Knicks address, Phil Jackson zinged the referees and Adam Silver. He also said Carmelo Anthony needs to break some bad habits and start moving the ball.
Despite ominous statements from prominent players about how the NBA's new TV deal will affect collective bargaining, former commissioner David Stern believes the league will avoid a work stoppage in 2017.
NEW YORK -- As NBA owners rejected draft lottery reform, NBA commissioner Adam Silver said Wednesday that one-third of the league's teams still aren't profitable and reiterated his preference to have a hard salary cap.
Basketball-related income -- the revenue pie that determines player salaries -- could jump to $6.7 billion in '16-'17, league sources said. That's up from an estimated $4.5 billion this past season and a $4.7 billion projection for 2014-15.
As the NFL continues to deal with the aftermath of the Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson cases, NBA executives and personnel gathered to start a dialogue to make sure pro hoops doesn't make the same errors.

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