Teddy Bridgewater's individual workouts with interested NFL teams haven't exactly been redeeming after a shaky pro day, according to a report.
Andy Dalton has a friend in Hue Jackson, the Bengals' new offensive coordinator who plans on getting the most out of third-year quarterback.
Michael Vick to the Jets says more about Geno Smith's short leash. Also, the Eagles could release DeSean Jackson if there are no trade takers. And there aren't.
Andy Dalton is now entering the final year of his rookie contract, but NFL economics could make it problematic for the Bengals to give the quarterback a big-money deal.
Marvin Lewis was hired in 2003 and in the 11 years since, the Bengals have had just two losing campaigns to go along with five playoff appearances.
New storylines emerge every week. Some are reasonable, most are not. 'The Week in Overreactions' focuses on the latter.
After another ugly playoff exit for the Marvin Lewis-led Bengals and Andy Dalton, will the Bengals change their stripes? Don't expect owner Mike Brown to change a thing.
Bengals owner Mike Brown said this week that during the 2011 NFL Draft, he wanted to take Colin Kaepernick. Brown was talked out of it and the Bengals took Andy Dalton instead.
What really goes on behind the scenes when a coach gets axed? It's never pretty. We also look at playoff pretenders and the odds against No. 1 seeds.
The final episode of Hard Knocks got emotional as the Bengals had to make final cuts.

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