Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy is a much better football player than wordsmith, and that's a good thing.
We've seen this the past four years: the Bengals look great, and then fall apart in the postseason. But they're different this year. Really. And it begins with the play of Andy Dalton, who finally looks comfortable running Cincy's offense.
Tony Romo and the Cowboys sputtered at times Sunday night but finished strong against the Giants.
Gregory was having a nice game before he appeared to roll his ankle.
Aaron Rodgers and the Packers sit atop the rankings, but for how long? The Seahawks still look like the team to beat for the long haul and keep your eyes on the Eagles, a team that could be moving up by mid-September.
Okung explained his decision in an article on The Players' Tribune.
The Cowboys stunned the world last year. They won't do it again in 2015.
Andrew Luck and Ben Roethlisberger are two strong sleeper candidates to win the NFL MVP award in 2015.
Andre Johnson thinks a team made up of Miami Hurricanes could win a Super Bowl. He is probably wrong.
Picks for the over and under of every single NFL team's win total. Today we cover the NFC.

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