Which stars might sit Week 17? Chris Towers goes game-by-game to figure out where Fantasy owners need to be concerned.
Burfict returns to the lineup with the Bengals on a two-game losing streak
The results are usually mixed when players change teams. Jamey Eisenberg breaks down the good (Lamar Miller) and bad (Matt Forte) moves from this offseason for Fantasy owners.
The Ravens were big-time hit by the injury bug in 2015, so positive regression is coming, right? Our Dave Richard says a couple things need to happen for that to be true in 2016.
Ravens tight end seems to have forgotten about someone named Rob Gronkowski
Adrian Peterson, Larry Fitzgerald and Brandon Marshall are up against Father Time
If Mike Wallace had a time machine, he'd probably go back to the summer before the 2012 season and take that five-year, 50-something-million-dollar offer from the Steelers.
Vontaze Burfict will miss the first three games of the 2016 season and it's all because he can't seem to control himself on the field.
The Bengals linebacker will reportedly miss the first three games of the regular season for his actions during the Bengals' playoff loss to the Steelers.

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