The Bengals linebacker will reportedly miss the first three games of the regular season for his actions during the Bengals' playoff loss to the Steelers.
The Bengals seemed pretty excited to see the Steelers eliminated from the playoffs.
The Broncos defense set the table for a dramatic finish by Peyton Manning and the Broncos offense in Denver's 23-16 divisional round playoff win on Sunday.
Jeremy Hill was mic'd up for the Bengals loss to the Steelers. Here's how he reacted to his crucial fumble.
If you want to know which teams are going to win in the divisional round of the NFL playoffs, you've come to the right place.
It's fair to say that one of the best games of the weekend, the Steelers-Bengals wild-card matchup, was married by personal fouls and dumb decisions.
Can the Tom Brady's line hold off the Chiefs? Can Green Bay's DBs slow Arizona's aerial attack? Who wins Greg Olsen vs. Kam Chancellor? Or Chris Harris vs. Antonio Brown?
Bengals cornerback Adam Jones thinks Antonio Brown deserves the ultimate acting award for a certain play on Saturday night.
The Bengals appeared to be heading for a playoff win but then they lost control and suffered a meltdown, complete with dumb penalties and a turnover. So who's responsible for this mess?
Adam Jones was flagged for a 15-yard penalty in the final moments of the Bengals' loss to the Steelers, setting up a short game-winning field goal for the Steelers. But was the flag warranted?

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