Turns out the NHL lockout didn't hurt business too bad, after all. According to a report, the league expects to receive 72.7 percent of last season's revenue despite playing only 58.5 percent of the normal schedule.
Have you heard enough sorrys from the NHL yet? Well, too bad, because the league is saying it again, this time by advertising in newspapers.
Three words, one slogan for the 2013 NHL season: Hockey is back.
The Kings are saying thank you to fans for their patience in their own way: by donating $1 million to the local community.
The NHL Board of Governors met on Wednesday and approved the tentative CBA unanimously, ratifying the deal. Afterward, Gary Bettman apologized to players and fans.
The NHL lockout is still technically in place so the owners will vote on Wednesday about the new deal. Camps are expected to open on Sunday.
Videos helped get us through the lockout and now they're welcoming hockey back.
After 113 days and more than 600 cancelled games, the NHL decided it was time for its stupid lockout, its third in the past 18 years, to come to an end just in time for a 48-game regular season. And now they're all sorry for it.
Let the mending begin. The Penguins are one of a few teams to apologize to fans for the NHL lockout, saying ''there is nothing we can say to explain or excuse what has happened.''
Want a reminder of what we've been missing with this NHL lockout? Pavel Datsyuk is here to provide one for you.

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