NCAA president Mark Emmert believes that the NCAA and the power conferences aren't "that far apart" in what they want.
NCAA president Mark Emmert made it clear Sunday that he's against the idea of college players forming a union.
The NCAA will no longer sell player jerseys/merchandise online. But in light of the Johnny Manziel investigation, licensing issues remain.
The NCAA president told the 'Indianapolis Star' that changes need to be made to the current NCAA model.
Big 12 commissioner says time has come to create a new division
Potentially transformative time in college sports, if complaints by Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby are any indicator of a groundswell.
The NCAA's tax return shows president Mark Emmert was paid $1.7 million for the 2011 calendar year.
The Big 12 has frustrations with the current NCAA system, and schools let president Mark Emmert know about them Thursday.
Georgia OL Kolton Houston still has dreams of playing for the Bulldogs again, and fans have launched an online petition to help him make it happen.
Maryland has hired former NCAA associate director of enforcement Marcus Wilson as its senior associate athletic director for compliance, the school confirms. Wilson spent five years on an NCAA investigative team that has seen significant change in the last year.

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