The cruel irony of EA Sports ending its popular NCAA video game in the wake of litigation over players' likenesses? Current players say they just want the game back.
Florida State QB Jameis Winston made headlines for myriad reasons last fall. Back with the Seminoles, the sophomore remains college football's most polarizing player.
Florida State cleared Ronald Darby of any code of conduct violations for his part in an alleged rape by quarterback Jameis Winston.
The store surveillance footage of Florida State's Jameis Winston leaving a Publix with crab legs has been released.
Jameis Winston's father told USA Today that he and Florida State could have done more to prevent off-field incidents like Winston's recent crab leg theft.
Florida State should send a message and suspend Jameis Winston for one football game, not let baseball do punishment over the crab shoplifting incident.
Jameis Winston shouldn't be suspended from the Florida State football team after being cited for shoplifting $32.72 worth of crab legs from Publix. Why not? He already has been suspended -- from the baseball team.
A grocery store in Alabama is selling Jameis Winston crab legs because what else would you expect to happen after Winston's crab legs ordeal?
Jameis Winston was issued a civil citation Tuesday night for shoplifting crab legs, and has been suspended from the Seminole baseball team.
Jameis Winston wants NFL and MLB careers. Following him for 19 1/2 hours between baseball and spring football outings reveals the Heisman winner never stops and is far from satisfied.

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