Helping Cleveland make the playoffs would justify Garoppolo as a Superman type of player
It's fun to poke fun at the Browns but Heath Cummings says they have some serious breakout candidates in Cleveland in 2017.
The No. 6 pick is Heath Cummings' favorite pick in the draft and he loves this team after starting with Odell Beckham and Doug Baldwin.
The top three overall in a standard league are pretty clear to Heath Cummings, but he says things get a lot more interesting after that.
Who are the starters? Who are the sleepers? Our Dave Richard surveys the backfields around the league and tells you how to handle them on Draft Day.
They might have an improved offensive line and running game, but until they find some stability at quarterback, will the Browns give Fantasy owners anything to be excited about?
In our latest mock draft, Jamey Eisenberg shows the value of waiting on running back with some standout picks at the position, starting in Round 5.
On paper, the Browns are much better, but how long until they're a legit playoff contender?
Heath Cummings looks at the crowded backfields created by the NFL Draft and reveals his updated Dynasty running back rankings.
Pryor immediately becomes the Redskins' No. 1 deep threat

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