Taking a look at the match-ups from Las Vegas Summer League for Friday, July 11 and whom you should pay attention to.
With the New York Knicks' season coming to a close without playoffs once again, it's time to reflect on the positive and negative from their season.
The New York Knicks are purchasing their own D-League team and are allowing Knicks fans the chance to name it.
J.R. Smith's recent hijinks with shoelaces didn't help, but league sources told CBSSports.com that the Knicks began exploring possible trade options for the mercurial guard as long as two weeks ago.
New York Knicks coach Mike Woodson questions Beno Udrih passing to J.R. Smith Friday night when he pulled a "Bargnani."
The New York Knicks are reportedly waiving Chris Smith to sign Jeremy Tyler, and JR Smith's Instagram post has people wondering if he's mad at the Knicks.
The Nets and Knicks have a lot in common so far this season, namely being their horrendous records and the stupid amount of money they've spent to be horrible. But there's another common theme between them: Neither appear to have a plan B.
James Dolan reportedly banned Woody Allen from eating in the VIP restaurant at Madison Square Garden during New York Knicks games.
Knicks coach says the 'young man' needs to change his behavior. At age 28, is that really reasonable to expect?
The NBA is investigating the tweets between Brandon Jennings and J.R. Smith from this past week while Smith insists he didn't threaten Jennings.

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