Penn State and Oklahoma are among the below-the-radar teams that could show some life in 2013-14.
Jamal Aytes was one of the best available prospects left in the class of 2013 -- and he announced Monday that he was heading to UNLV.
Hundreds of players changed teams in the past couple of months, so we're recapping all the major moves.
Don't expect the Mountain West to be No. 1 in the RPI again this season, but expect another competitive race at the top of the standings.
After announcing his intention to transfer to USC, Katin Reinhardt told Doug Gottlieb he didn't think he would be comfortable at UNLV or a good teammate in his role playing mainly off the ball.
After leaving UNLV over the weekend, Katin Reinhardt has decided on his next stop: USC.
Katin Reinhardt's decision to transfer from UNLV feels like the wrong one, based on historical indicators and the player's own ceiling.
If Katin Reinhardt wasn't happy living in Las Vegas and shooting a million times a game for a good team, when will he ever not be looking for something else?
Katin Reinhardt is leaving UNLV after one year because he's frustrated with his role despite the fact that his role allowed him to shoot 324 times this season, which ranked second on the team behind only future NBA lottery pick Anthony Bennett.
Here is a look at 10 teams that were bounced early this year but could take the next step next season in the NCAA tournament.

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