Alabama will be heavily favored to extend its streak to three straight national championships this fall, and eight straight for the conference. Ending the narrative of Southern dominance begins and ends with turning the tide in the championship game.
After 16 turbulent years, the evolutionary link between the traditional bowl system and the long-awaited playoff shuffles off the stage.
Chip Kelly left Oregon for the challenge of the NFL, but he left his successor with the only remaining challenge he'd yet to conquer on campus: winning a national championship.
After coming out of nowhere as a freshman, 'Johnny Football' will be judged less on stats this time than on how close he comes to getting A&M to the SEC Championship Game and a BCS bowl.
Ohio State eked out a perfect season with nothing in particular at stake, but wasn't always convincing in the process. Do the Buckeyes have another championship run in them with NCAA sanctions lifted?
The Longhorns didn't make the leap in 2012 but will face high expectations again after losing only three senior starters.
If 2012 was the year the pros got wise to the spread, it was also the year that college football yielded wholly to an even younger, arguably more dynamic influx of spread-bred quarterbacks who represent the spread era at full throttle.
If a defensive player can bring home the sport's most hallowed hunk of bronze, South Carolina's explosive sack master is the one.
On the verge of a breakthrough, Kiffin's "dream job" is beginning to look more like a nightmare as sanctions begin to bite.
Can Butch Jones make Tennessee relevant again?

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