The 23-player opening night rosters for all 30 NHL teams.
The home division of the Stanley Cup champion Los Angeles Kings will remain a gauntlet for the teams within it. Here's a look at how teams have restructured this offseason.
Marian Gaborik was brought in by the Kings to provide offense. He provided some pretty spectacular offense with his second-period goal in Game 3.
The NHL announced next season's salary cap could be around $71 million, great news for the Sharks who have three huge free agents to re-sign.
The majority of the moves have been made with camps right around the corner so let's see how everybody fared over the summer.
The Sharks have become a perennial contender despite their short time in existence behind a strong core of longtime players.
Free agency in the NHL is upon us. Here's a look at what teams have on the way out, what they need on the way in and some potential targets.
The No. 3 seed Vancouver Canucks take on the No. 6 seed San Jose Sharks.
With the end of the season coming in days, who will win the hardware in the NHL? An age-old question is back: Ovechkin or Crosby?
Pucks and Numbers is a weekly statistical look at what's happening around the NHL. This week: How a couple of trades and a position switch helped the San Jose Sharks turn their season around.

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