Jerry Palm says 2011 was the year of realignment, but in the end nothing has changed as the SEC claims supreme in the BCS Championship game.
Jerry Palm says in 2010, Auburn finally gets its shot at the national title, but TCU goes undefeated and is left out of the BCS Championship game.
Jerry Palm says even though five teams finished undefeated during the regular season -- Alabama, Boise State, Texas, TCU and Cincinnati -- the Crimson Tide ended up winning the title in 2009.
Jerry Palm says in 2008 the BCS wasn't so much about which team should play in the national championship game but which team out of the Big 12 should win the conference.
Jerry Palm says the BCS had a rough year in 2007 because, beginning in November, at least one of the top two teams in the BCS ratings lost every week. What did we end up with? A two-loss LSU winning the title.
Jerry Palm says in 2006, the BCS finally caved, added a bowl game and lowered the standard for a nonmajor team to play in the BCS. It also marked the beginning of the SEC domination as Florida won the national title.
Jerry Palm says in 2005, the BCS finally got it right, matching Texas vs. USC in the championship game. But the BCS also saw a change as the Harris poll replaced the AP poll.
Jerry Palm says in 2004, the BCS blows it up and starts over. But it doesn't help as a USC-Oklahoma title game leaves an undefeated Auburn out.
As the BCS era comes to an end, Jerry Palm takes a look back at 2003, when LSU and Oklahoma played for the BCS National Championship, while AP No. 1 USC was left out.
As the BCS era comes to an end, Jerry Palm takes a look back at 2002, when Ohio State met Miami in a game with a controversial finish.

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