Chris Towers breaks down Fantasy hoops draft strategy in our latest mock draft.
Want to know the value of rookies and veterans for your dynasty league? Chris Towers compiles a full draft on his own so you could have the long-term rankings you need to draft wisely.
This is the course of action for a young point guard to take after a super-team forms
The deepest position in Fantasy hoops provides plenty of value down the draft board. Our Chris Towers helps you prioritize guards on Draft Day.
The Blazers far exceeded even their own expectations this season and it's earned the respect of the league's top team.
The Warriors could panic and unleash Steph Curry in Game 4. Except what if their star isn't quite ready yet? Gambling on his health now will only hurt in the later rounds when they'll need him most.
With Steph Curry, the Warriors are the fire. Without him, they might be playing with it.
This was the game the absence of Steph Curry was felt the most and the Blazers exploited it perfectly.
Coming into this year nobody was betting on the Blazers, except the Blazers. Boy were they right.
Portland only has so much time before Steph Curry returns to the court.

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