David Lee is reportedly on the trade block.
What to do on a Friday night with tricky DFS choices? Heath Cummings says your best decisions are likely to result from the latest news before lineups lock.
What lesson should Tyler Johnson's disappointing performance Tuesday night teach for Daily Fantasy? Heath Cummings explains how it should affect your Wednesday lineup.
It's a full day's worth of NBA action. We have great basketball and we have great values, but Heath Cummings says we don't often have both in the same game.
Boston, as always, would love to trade for a star.
The Celtics have moved David Lee out of the starting lineup and while he's not accepting of the decision, he trusts his teammates and hasn't requested a trade.
Celtics forward wants an apology after suffering a torn ACL when he got hit in the face. Which is weird. The injury, you know, not wanting an apology.
Golden State remains undefeated, but faces toughest challenge yet vs. physical, tough Celtics squad in what may have been the game of the year.
Boston gave the Warriors all they could handle, the Dubs were short-handed, disaster was at the door... and the Warriors won. Twenty-four-and-oh.
A look at trends and observations from around the NBA in the first quarter of the season, including the Warriors' dominance, an offensive downturn, and worries for the West.

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