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Something just isn't quite right in College Park right now.
Recapping the best and worst of the college basketball Saturday
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Instant reactions from Maryland's 83-69 loss to Iowa ...
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It's a special day in College Park, where the current Terps are welcoming their most legendary predecessors.
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Maryland is sizable favorites tomorrow night against Iowa.
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The mid-range game is a lost art in college basketball, but even more so for Maryland, which could use some more offensive variety down the stretch.
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If you're a Maryland basketball fan, there aren't many cooler memorabilia items than this one -- but it'll cost you.
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Ivan Bender scored a career-high 15 points, including two rare dunks, in last night's loss to Minnesota, days after his roommate was ruled out for the season.
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The Terps will need to get hot to boost their falling stock.
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It may seem like forever ago, but earlier this season Maryland had made a habit out of starting slow and finishing strong. The second half rallies, the close wins, the

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