Should the Thunder stagger rest time for their two stars? But doing so limits the time Westbrook and Durant spend on the floor together, when OKC is most dangerous.
Want to watch NBA superstars do awesome things in crazy slow motion? Obviously.
Los Angeles Clippers' All-Star Blake Griffin put on a historic scoring display by doing exactly what his detractors criticize him for doing.
It was a scoring and shooting fest at the 2014 All-Star Game.
The East trailed by double-digits for much of the game, but used a 12-0 run to close out the West and end a three-game losing streak, 163-155.
Stephen Curry isn't just a shooter, you guys.
LeBron James won't do the dunk contest on Saturday, because he saves his best stuff for Sunday, I guess.
NEW ORLEANS -- Questioning his longevity and openly wondering whether his body is rebelling against him, Kobe Bryant said Saturday that his latest injury woes have forced him to ask himself, "Is this it?"
Pacers All-Star says winning Defensive Player of the Year would mean a lot to him for joining elite company from his alma mater.
Pacers coach Frank Vogel says the biggest grind is behind them, and doesn't expect to give nights off to his first-place team.

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