Duke, Kansas and Kentucky are predictably represented -- with 14 total players
Full brackets, seedings and matchups for the 2016 NIT.
Each of the conferences number of bids to the 2016 NCAA tournament.
Under difficult circumstances, the NCAA tournament selection committee did a decent job.
Kentucky and Indiana are headed for a Round of 32 showdown if they each win their first round contests. If that happens, one fanbase will leave Saturday severely disappointed.
Considering the circumstances surrounding the importance of the St. Joe's game, Posley's performance (47 points) is one of the most impressive in the past five years in college basketball.
The Bonnies have won nine of their last 10 and are as close as they could possibly be to achieving lock status without actually achieving lock status.
Butler needs to have a strong showing on Wednesday against Seton Hall to improve its chances of making the NCAA Tournament.
Syracuse lost at North Carolina, but it wasn't a bad loss for the Orange plus CBS Sports Bracketology Expert Jerry Palm looks at his last four in and first four out of the NCAA Tournament.
The Badgers, who were in last year's title game, are the last team in CBS Sports Bracketology Expert Jerry Palm's latest bracket projection. A closer look at the last four teams in, and the last four out.

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