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Top 40 stretch four Joey Hauser, who averaged 17.5 in the first live period, is high-priority recruit of Michigan St., Marquette, Virginia, and Wisconsin, among many others.
Plenty of decisions are still hanging in the air, calls that will help shape the 2017-18 season
From busts to Super Bowl-winning underdogs, 10 NFL Drafts have churned out a disparity of QBs
It's conceivable that four quarterbacks will be selected in Round 1 this year for the first time since 2012
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Coach Mike Brey discussed Bonzie Colson, Matt Ryan and said the Irish are interested in adding to their roster during the offseason.
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The Notre Dame men's basketball team handed out individual awards Monday evening.
Colson will likely be a preseason All-America selection; Irish fans can now dream of a Final Four possibility
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Power forward Bonzie Colson is interested in pursuing a career in the NBA, but not before he receives his degree from Notre Dame.
Frank Mason III and Kelsey Plum earned honors as the national player of the year
Kentucky is the odds-on favorite to win the 2018 title

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