Is Mookie Betts a safe option among a field of risky outfielders? Al Melchior argues that targeting the young Red Sox star is a more complicated proposition than some may think.
The Marlins may not draw many wins or fans, but they don't lack for Fantasy stars. Al Melchior looks at the value of the team's big names as well as a few lesser-known players.
The greatest leadoff hitter of all-time was Rickey Henderson, but a case could be made that Tim Raines is second.
A starstruck Ichiro Suzuki first met Michael Jordan back in 1995.
An unknown MLB team has won negotiating rights to Korean slugger Byung Ho Park with a $12.85 million bid.
The Marlins will bring back the veteran outfielder (and pitcher!) as he closes in on 3,000 hits in MLB.
Ichiro had never before pitched in the bigs, but he did so on Sunday for an inning.
Babe Ruth's called shot, Roger Maris' 61st homer, the first World Series game, Ichiro breaking the single-season record for hits and more all happened on October 1.
The Blue Jays officially clinched a postseason spot on Saturday. The Mariners now have baseball's longest postseason drought at 14 years.
Robinson Cano reached 2,000 career hits on Wednesday night. Let's take a look at the active players with at least 2,000 and their chances for getting to the hallowed 3,000th hit.

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