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Archie Miller was the right hire for Indiana, according to Sports Illustrated.
Plenty of decisions are still hanging in the air, calls that will help shape the 2017-18 season
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Which teams won and lost based on their stars' NBA decisions?
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Following wins by the 1982-83 Hoosiers and the 1990-91 Hoosiers, the last two play-in matchups in our bracket are underway.
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Which IU team is the best of all-time? There's only one way to find out.
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The final national rankings from the industry are accounted for in the 2017 247Sports Composite and there were some big moves, starting at the top. Long-time No. 1
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Indiana made a "slam dunk" hire in Archie Miller, according to CBS Sports.
Which of the top hires were slam dunks, quality hires or just plain risky?
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The NBA playoffs are finally here, and a handful of Indiana alums are still playing. Let's bounce around the playoff picture and look at each Hoosier's playoff outlook.
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Archie Miller and Indiana basketball officially announced the hiring of Miller's first IU staff on Thursday.

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