New top five: Kansas, UCLA, Villanova, Gonzaga and North Carolina
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With two games left, MSU is technically still alive for a share of the Big Ten title.
| 1488218709
Nick Ward was the Big Ten's best player in two MSU wins this week.
Xavier is still in the field for now, but is slipping fast and could join Cuse on the outside
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Relive Michigan State's huge win over the Badgers.
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Despite struggling much of the season, Matt McQuaid has stuck with it and his hard work is starting to pay dividends.
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The youngsters led Michigan State again on Sunday.
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Eron Harris got the moment he deserved at the end of Sunday's Senior Day win.
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Izzo, Alvin Ellis, Matt Van Dyk and Eron Harris all addressed the crowd after Sunday's win.
Spartans should be in the NCAA Tournament with one more win; Orange road woes might be their undoing

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