What goes on in an athlete's head when standing at a free throw line in front of 20,000 screaming fans? The mind is just as important as the body when it comes to winning. Denise Shull, a performance consultant and leader in the field of risk psychology, joins Erin Sharoni for Sport Psych 101.
They don't dunk but they do come through in the clutch, and their training puts even the most grueling preseason camps to shame. The Pararescue Jumpers of the US Air Force special forces are in a league of their own, functioning as part of a "Human-Based Weapon System." In this special episode, four Pararescuemen join Erin Sharoni & Michael Hurcomb to discuss what it takes to train for and serve as part of an elite special ops team.
NFL star Reggie Bush is a health and fitness advocate who believes attention to wellness should begin in childhood. From his youth football camps to his partnership with Taco Bell Foundation for Teens, Reggie is spreading the good word. He joins Erin Sharoni to discuss his approach in this special episode.
Rejoice: The days of "no pain, no gain" are over. Fitness guru Ben Greenfield asserts that it is possible to achieve amazing feats of physical and mental performance without destroying the body, mind and life. Ben joins Erin Sharoni in this episode to explain how to biohack your brain, tweak your diet, and why you should discard your deodorant.
What do lemurs, whales and toads have in common with humans? They all move their bodies in asymmetrical patterns, which increases the risk of injury. Add professional sports to the mix, and it becomes a recipe for ankle sprains and groin strains galore! Pro athlete strength coach Matthew Uohara joins Erin Sharoni and Michael Hurcomb to discuss NBA and NHL injury prevention in this special Playoffs Edition episode.
There's plenty of Paleo talk around locker rooms, on courts, and at office water coolers. Some call it Primal. Some call it Caveman. Names aside, the lifestyle associated with the "Paleo" concept is one worth exploring. Many athletes, trainers and coaches already know the health benefits it offers. In this episode, Gary Collins, founder of The Primal Power Method, joins Erin Sharoni and Michael Hurcomb for a Paleo 101 crash course.
Concussions are a hot button issue in sports for good reason, and the discussion shows no signs of slowing down. As more light is shed on the matter, more information surfaces from doctors, scientists, and athletes alike. Neurologist Dr. Harry Kerasidis, aka "The Brain Doc", has treated thousands of concussions for over 25 years, with a protocol which rivals the NFL's. He joins Erin Sharoni for The Concussion Discussion.
Biology and technology are colliding like never before. From apps to artificial intelligence, there are endless ways to customize your healthcare. Pro athletes enjoy the luxury of having teams of people monitoring their bodies, but technology has leveled the playing field. President of IMG Worldwide, George Pyne, and CEO of InsideTracker, Rony Sellam, join Erin & Hurc to discuss how new tools can empower you to monitor, analyze and optimize your health.
Is it possible to build muscle, lose fat and perform at peak levels on a vegan diet? Comedian Mark Malkoff defied convention and underwent a total body transformation in 28 days as a vegan, under the guidance of celebrity trainer Robert Brace. In this episode, Robert and Mark join Erin Sharoni and Michael Hurcomb to share Mark's unbelievable and hilarious path to morphing into The Incredible Hulk, while consuming a plant-based diet.
Ever wish you could trade your metabolism for Kobe's? Magic won't work but science might. Dr. Cate Shanahan, physician and nutrition consultant for the Los Angeles Lakers, says we can reprogram our genes with the food we eat. In this episode, Dr. Shanahan and CBSSports.com NBA Insider Ken Berger join Erin Sharoni and Michael Hurcomb to discuss the fascinating possibilities. Watch out, Mamba; we're coming.

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