Vanderbilt has plenty of talent and is back on the big stage in the Maui Invitational final -- its biggest game since losing in the NCAA Tournament Round of 32 ... in 2012.
For the first time since February 24, 2008, Ohio State has lost back-to-back home games. The Buckeyes fell to 2-2 following an 82-74 loss to Louisiana Tech.
This marks the first nonconference home loss for Ohio State since 2008, and the first nonconference home loss to a team outside a major conference in more than 15 years.
Miami is becoming a player in recruiting, Kentucky has a productive 24 hours, plus other news and notes from CBS Sports' Jon Rothstein.
Lloyd Carr has a 5-year-old grandson named Chad Carr, who has been battling an inoperable form of brain cancer since last September. And in an attempt to lift the little boy's spirits, two rivals came together.
This is a list of the 30 best guaranteed-to-see-'em non-league games college basketball is offering up in 2015 -- all of them presents that arrive before Christmas!
Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith announced on Tuesday that freshman forward Mickey Mitchell has not yet been cleared to play in games by the NCAA.
Fresh faces become big stars every year in college basketball. Which teams have the biggest potential for their newbies? Here's the list of the best.
Every year, players break out onto the national scene and become household names. Here are 20 that could enter that realm this season in college basketball.
Every year in college basketball, players break-out and become potential NBA prospects. It's just the nature of the draft cycle. Here are some of the guys I'm looking at to potentially burst onto the NBA scene that are currently either below or off the radar.

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