James Michael McAdoo is leaving for the NBA, but North Carolina remains a top-five team for next season. And whichever teams gets transfer Chris Obekpa will get the best shot-blocker in the country.
Harvard is now a national program after they beat New Mexico last season in the NCAA Tournament. They're going to get every team's best crack in each game they play in the Ivy League. And that's exactly what happened when Harvard visited Columbia on Friday night.
With so many ranked teams going on the road Saturday, it was inevitable that a handful would lose. And they did. Come look at all that happened in hoops.
A month into the season, we can start to take stock of a few teams. And it's clear Wichita State and San Diego State are going to be good.
There are a few decent games to watch this weekend, including a top-20 showdown between Ohio State and Marquette.
Hundreds of players changed teams in the past couple of months, so we're recapping all the major moves.
The coaches of the Ivy League are pretty safe.
Harvard is headed back to the NCAA tournament for the second season in a row.
Yep, we've got some good hoops on Friday night. Saint Louis takes on Butler in an A-10 showdown, and there are some Bracket Busters games to watch.
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