All of the highlights, scores and updates from across college basketball, including Arkansas-South Carolina, Wisconsin-Minnesota, Arizona-Cal, VCU-Davidson, Utah-Washington State and more.
The month of March is the best. We have a great, game-ending moment already.
Cincinnati and Michigan State got big wins, but the biggest talking point will be a fan running on the court and yelling at a coach.
The Blackbirds are flying to the NCAA tournament for the third straight year, and that's a record. A record for both the program and the Northeast Conference. Never before had LIU Brooklyn won three straight conference tournament titles, and never before had the NEC seen its league won in back-to-back-to-back years by the same program.
Siena's Mitch Buonaguro and Marist's Chuck Martin could be in trouble after another sub-par season.
Here's everything you need to know from college basketball's last Saturday of full, regular-season games. Conference tournaments start in a couple of days, people. MARCH! And for all the bubble-heavy rundown, do check Poppin' Bubbles.
The regular season ends for 15 conferences this weekend, and there are big games everywhere.

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